Filipinos are known for the many variations of rice cakes that they make. Aside from biko, kutsinta is also an all-time favorite. ​

​The traditional kutsinta is reddish-brown in color because it uses brown sugar and some use annato for its coloring. While others prefer kutsinta soft, with a somewhat gooey or slightly thick and pastey top, this recipe is different in that it is chewy and versatile because you can choose the topping you prefer. It is also very tasty because we incorporate ube flavoring which gives it a whole new dimension in terms of taste. Ube, is also a favorite flavor for other Filipino desserts such as ice-cream, cakes and breads.

Ube is a root crop abundant in the Philippines, but availability depends on its season for harvest which falls usually in December, and which is why most ube delicacies are aplenty during Christmas season. One popular Ube rice cake is the Puto Bumbong. However, in this recipe, we will only be using its flavoring, which makes this quite simple and easy to make.

Ube kutsinta is easy to make and needs only 6 simple ingredients that are available in groceries and local markets. Include this in your array of recipes for your next occasion and you can’t go wrong. Your guests will love it!

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup tapioca flour
1 cup granulated sugar
2 1/2 cups room temperature water
1 tablespoon ube flavor
2 1/2 teaspoons lye water (lihiya)
Oil for greasing moulds
Freshly grated coconut, dulce de leche, latik or caramel for topping

In a bowl, pour all-purpose flour, tapioca flour, and granulated sugar. Stir well to combine.
Add water and ube flavoring. Stir.
Add lye water. Stir again and mix well. Set this mixture aside while you grease your moulds.
Fill your moulds 3/4 full with your mixture.
Place in steamer and steam for 25-30 minutes over medium to high heat.
Remove from moulds and let cool. Serve plain or with the desired topping.
​Serve and enjoy!

Water should be boiling.
Cover your lid with a kitchen towel to prevent water dripping into your mixture.
Your lid should cover your steamer tightly to prevent steam from escaping.
If your mixture is still watery in the middle after 30 minutes of steaming, it could be that your heat is too high or water is rapidly boiling. Adjust heat to medium-low.
Ideal size of mould is 2 1/4 inches or 3 inches #307 and #308.
You can also use silicone moulds, but make sure to also grease them.
Silicone moulds require less steaming time.
Ideal silicone mould size is 2 1/2 inches.
Optional topping includes grated coconut, budbod or toasted dessicated coconut, latik or dulce de leche.
Please refer to my Corn Maja recipe on how to make budbod.
Dulce de Leche recipe.



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